Sunday, January 15, 2006

Teen Rajdhani Bhramanika

Extremely brief travelogue of our tour to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. It was quite hectic as we covered 3 capitals in 4 days. As some one who has been to Paris will tell, Paris can't be covered in 2. But still wasn't there to really savor every bit of it, but just to have a glimpse. When I am visit these places later - with family, then I know very well, what to see and what to skip.

Paris is absolutely a must see. Everything about the place is overwhelming, over the top, grandiose. The neatly pave roads, the clinically cut trees, the magnificent gilded monuments, the expensive fashion stores - its like KingKong. But still its a lovely city, inspite of the French arrogance, the people are nice. And the Eiffel Tower is really huge!:-)

Brussels is skipable. I didn't have high expectations, after a guy in my earlier project (Belgium company) said that it was like Delhi. And yes, the city is quite plain and average. However, Grand P'alace is very grand and European Quarter will give you the buzz. But the rest is a let-down. The Manneken Pis (Pissing boy) a huge one. Never thought the most popular tourist attraction in Brussels would be so tiny and tacky.

I can see myself settling in Amsterdam, even if that is a remote possibility. No, the red light district is not the incentive I am after. The place is just beautiful, and truly has a warm endearing character. English is spoken on the streets, cyclists ride dangerously and have the right of way (Clap! clap! clap!), canals everywhere reflect the city lights at night. Yes, there are historical buildings as well, but its far better to just roam around the city and take in the sights and sounds.

It's just a fascinating place.
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