Monday, January 23, 2006

Up and down we go

Sort of having a tumultous time here. The micro design is just about to get over. And offshore is setting up environment. For good or bad, I am playing a central role in sending the datamodel, ddls, alter scripts. It was extremely hectic last week, when I had to jump out of train from York (went there on business meeting) after 6 hours of gruelling journey and come to office to deliver the latest ddls.

On top of that, we have some incorrigible resources, who do not learn to thing on their feet when something goes wrong. Just blame the other guy. So, with the massive reconciliation activity we are doing, there were issues and offshore put their hands up, saying we can't do anything, because there are some teeny weeny issues.

Anyway, after a lashing, things have fallen in place and after about 4 days, we are on the way to setting up an environment offshore. Now, we have to get the latest stuff from them and update our datamodels.

New project is kicking off and PM is not letting me go. I wanted to go Feb end to India but have been told that latest I can go is March end - when macro design of this new project is over. Seems a stretch now, but lets see. With the way things have been going with this account, I don't think anything substantial is going to happen by March. If it does, it surely will be worth posting here for recycling. And I think you will have to pay the buyer to get rid of the junk deliverables

For some reasons, however, it sort of makes it ok for me to stay till March. I am giving it a thought.
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