Monday, February 20, 2006

Broadbandits have rights too!

Had a really bad weekend. Part of the reason was that the broadband we were using was disconnected abruptly without notice. So, what if we were piggbacking on someone else's connection, they should have informed us, about cutting us off from www. Now, does the government get rid of the encroachments on its land, without giving the hut-dwellers prior notice? No, they dont!! That is against the law. Ditto here.

It would have been better if broadband-owner was more sensitive and had come to us and said "Guys, thank you for deigning to use my broadband connection. The bit packets that you have sent and received, passed through my home, thus consecrating it like never before.

"However, my broadband has slowed, what with some really humongous downloads - in I sure all for educational purposes - that you have made. Even, the google search webpage is not loading and that is driving my poodle crazy. She is plastering dribble all over the monitor, the house and its occupants. The monitor has developed rashes - an allergic reaction to dog-saliva.

"Yesterday, Camilla (the poodle) ripped a tyre off my car and wrapped herself around the rim. Clearly, it was a suicide attempt.

"I need decent connection so my noodle.. I mean poddle, can google for whatever she wants to google for. She isn't too adept at using the keyboard and hits the paws button a little too often. We are trying to get her enrolled in a program 'Master the keyboard in 7 dog-days'. We are googling for guidance on that as well.

"Sorry, I can't be of service to you, but I hope you can sympthatise with the vexations of a dog-owner".

But he didnt!!

Fortunately, there has been divine intervention and the broadband connection has drifted back to our holy abode. Joy be to the World!!
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