Thursday, February 02, 2006

Dressed to Thrill

Today, one of the employees (client side) was dressed in extremely attractive outfit. It was cream colored one-piece skirt with angled thick black stripes. The stripes tapered away from her hips, where the skirt itself made a dramatic X, accentuating her fabulous curves. The skirt stopped just short of the knees. The moment you looked at her, your heart stopped, the moment froze and everything around her just went mute and out-of-focus. Just her and her divine beauty.

Actually, the female works in another project, so don't interact with her much. She is an ice-maiden type, doesn't smile a lot, is too aware of her beauty and generally ignores your presence around her. That sort of has put me off her(as if).

Inspite of that, considerable time was spent drooling over her today. Her whole persona was phenomenally attention grabbing, and I happened to make keen mental notes of it. Honestly, I wasn't being a lecherous wolf. Just a man.

Now, you would think, that with women being liberal and all that, it would be eye-candy in the office here all the time. But actually, it is almost as drab as female dressing is in India. However, there are quite a lot of them who are willing to experiment. There are no wailing kids in diapers to attend to, school runs to make or lunch boxes to prepare for most of them. So, obviously, they have loads of time and money to spend on themselves. Expensive designer clothes are bought and quite a lot of time spent grooming herselves.The cleavage is exposed and a bit of moistured skin is revealed and it all livens up the proceedings. Takes one's attention away from the humdrum of workplace. Most men, being blase, don't start mentally undressing a woman like most repressed desis do. So, its not disconcerting for women to dress the way they do.

All said it's just a pleasure to have women around who are aware of their sexuality. Overtly sexy attire may cause problem and certainly I won't encourage that. (haha!). But women wield power over men and to exercise and hone the power through just enough grooming (I don't even demand a lipstick) and through aesthetic dressing, is not politically incorrect to ask for. Sometimes, women just don't pay attention to themselves and clothes they wear and its such a dampner to see opportunity blown away.

I understand men should be doing the same - grooming up a bit and wear decent clothes, but still men have limitations in terms of how much time they can possibly waste on their ugly selves. It's just exercise in futility doing up what is essentially a crappy piece of creation.

I would certainly like Indian women, being more bold in their dressing. Women have such a vareity to choose in terms of color and the style and they should exploit the choice they have and experiment a bit more. The saree for example is not a garment for only special occasions. As long as it is not an issue travelling (saree is a hazard, if you use the train), women should try it often. Also skirts. Not the gypsy kind please.

You can of course, always fall back on the punjabi dress in all its myriad forms, but then can we have less of tents and more of well-fitting stuff? And can we bury the sameness?

With better awareness and increased exposure to good clothes, the degree of comfortableness should also increase. Women wearing trendy stuff would be less ogled at. It also gives them a chance to assert their identity and feel good about themselves. I know it is difficult, but we need to strike a balance between total fashion subservience and annoying ignorance of the feminine self.
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