Monday, February 27, 2006

Manjunath Shanmugan Trust

I thought it would not be of much signifance if I link to this, as it's not as if I am the Instapundit of India, having scores and scores of followers. But, soon I realised, its really a no-brainer. A single citizen like Manjunath can stand up for what's right and die for it. So, can't I... i, make any difference?

What we need to ensure is that the lone honest voice of righteous individual resonates as long as there are just scattered lone voices like Manjunath or Satyendra Dubey

Justice is not served, and it's because, we let it not being served. We think, oh well, how does it concern us? But we probably do not realise that Manjunath's work or Satyendra's expose of corruption (in Highway contracting) directly impacted and benefited us as consumers and also as citizens.

It's time to stand up and be counted, however insignificant you may feel your contribution is. To that effect, i have also donated to the trust.

If the cause concerns you, please contribute in whatever way possible.

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