Monday, February 13, 2006

Tunes in my head

Rang De Basanti - Well, fine, some people may not that this album is a classic. I am just making up for the fact that I am not able to soak in the RDB-redolent atmosphere back home, by listening to the tunes.

Have been hooking on to a wireless broadband connection drifting into my pad, unknowing to its unwitting owner and downloading a whole lot of tunes. Just a list for posterity

1. Rubaroo - It will be classic. Hummable and singable in totality (unlike many Rahman hits)

2. Dido - Perennial favorites - Life for Rent and White Flag. I sing along and imagine myself a great husky singer. If someone asks me to give me live performance, you know what I will bray.

3. Breathe - By Telepopmusik - The car commercial gave me a fleeting intro about this tune. Have downloaded and quite like it.

4. Aadat - Good lyrics is what carries this song. The strength when any Paki is involved in a tune.

5. Jiya Dhadak dhadak - Another Kalyug entry. As I listen to another great melody with Pakistani stamp of soulfulness, I am more embarassed of the trash that Bollywood (lead by the foul remix camp) has been generating for a long time now

Have hated Jhalak Dhiklaga. Sorry Vinayak.:-)
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