Thursday, April 06, 2006

Apple mantra

With the uninteruppted adulation for the iPod (for every new version), I start thinking of buying the beauty. Personally it is of no real use. Whatever the number of songs you store in it, you grow out of it. And then you need more. A radio is a better option, for that matter. The only time iPod is irreplacable, is when you are walking and want to listen to music. But these days you are not doing that for long. So, you can use always use laptop, PC, radio, mobile, whatever.

Also, the fact that iPod doesn't have a radio bugs me.

But anyway, that is not to obscure the purpose of this blog. To talk briefly about Steve Jobs. Read this article here and here and my admiration for the man swells. To come from such troughs in your career (when he was kicked out of Apple) and to keep delivering stellar products (movies and gizmos), requires a uniquely prescient approach and an unparalleled focus on the quality (style and simplicity) of the product.

To do pathbreaking stuff simply is not easy and Apple products have considerably delivered both.

Everyone just adores an Apple product and the Apple fans are fanatical converts forever. I am just waiting for that indispensible and aesthetically perfect, yet inexpensive product, to come from the Apple tree.

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