Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Maa reva, tharo paani vish!

It's being too long, since the aam junta has voiced protests about the glaring anomalies in the Sardar Sarovar R&R (Resettlement and rehabilitation). Dilip wrote a great article about how there was a public outcry after the Jessica murder trial, but none coming forward to support the displaced tribals of the Narmada Valley.

Another very poignant column is here

Probably as rightly pointed out, we don't feel concerned for the poor villagers living a life-time away from our existence. Jessica Lal is closer to our milieu and the people who belong that class have access to media and other mainstream forums, to fight against a major injustice. The people of Narmada Valley don't.

It makes me infinitely glad that Aamir Khan and Tehelka, both I greatly revere for their integrity and fearlessness, have espoused the cause of the victims of Sardar Sarovar project.

I hope more people raise their voices.
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