Monday, April 03, 2006

Luller the better

A lull in work invariably means the scribbler is me goes into a deep sense of ennui.
It's good to be back in familiar surroundings, and though the campus here could easily be a lot superior, it is absolutely miles ahead compared to the dump that I worked in Norwich. More youth and less grey around sometimes makes me think I am in college. It is great for the bonhomie, the weekend activities and in general to keep the spirits alive in the otherwise drab office-space.

However, I am not sure, how much it contributes in terms of general sensitivity towards the deliverables, maintaining the quality of code. The understanding that someone high up in the business ladder is probably going to use your reports and they better be elegant and efficient, is hard to drill into someone who is just out of college. And certainly if we want to be big consulting players, we need to have more experienced guy doing design and even development. I wrote about it earlier here.

Anyway, have been busy otherwise, what with the holidays and all the shopping for the big day. Thankfully the saree buying didn't take too long (a day for 3 sarees is not bad at all).

So much here, we just take for granted, that it's great to be away and come back with a different perspective. I would always find Dadar such a crowded place. But yesterday, it struck me that if I can't find anything in that 2 sq km area, I won't find anywhere else in Bombay. The salesmanship in the saree shop is just awesome. They unravel saree after saree, so that our extremely picky Indian women can wrinkle their noses at all of them. The saree shop is one for their glorious tantrums and I understand why men just are terrified going saree shopping. Yet the salesmen were very accomodating and all willing to pander to the whims and fancies of the unfair sex. Their dexterity with languages and knowledge of the job has you awestruck.
Then onto shoes and some veggies and good Goan food at Gomantak.

With important events on the near horizon, I wish, the lull get luller.
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