Friday, April 21, 2006

..tujhko...mujhko Bloggery aa gayeeeeeeeee

A good article about how blogging is a good differentiator.

Blogging allows me to express myself hibitidly (without inhibition :-). Probably, it reflects (I hope) that I can write in a coherent and a logical manner.
Without doubt, it has made me good at job, where I need to prepare humongous documentation and immerse myself in in endless query tracker spreadsheets (the bane of any software project).

I know I have been not been giving attention to work because of a slightly important personal project and also this, this and this.

So, my netsurfing (esp of blogs) has shot up beyond control and work suffers. But just look at the project, will you? It's a pain, you know. And all my grim predictions about the project are coming true, to my utter dismay (and some delight as well that I am right).

Anyway, with the kind of coming clean I have done on my blog, I would not use it to embellish my resume. :-))
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