Friday, April 28, 2006

Go 92.5 FM

I have always silently lamented the utter submission of the radio channels to the market forces.

I remember hamare jamane mein, I mean....during B.E., I was such a huge radio buff - those eary times of Radio Mid-day, Times FM and AIR FM. I was a regular listener of Sundown Show, the Morning Show (where Cyrus Broacha and Mohan Kapoor would run riot), the Western Classical segment (Parag Trivedi even had visited our college then). There are other shows which again were very good. Unfortunately, the memories are hazy.

When there was clampdown on private FM channels, I turned to AIR in a big way. AIR has the most amazing library of English songs. They can afford the royalty, whereas the private operaters flog their limited songs (budget constraints) all the time. For me, AIR has been a great window into an electic mix of English music. They would have 1 hour programs dedicated to a just one type of music - Country, Rock, Blues, Pop. The hosts would be mediocre, but they won't do lot of chapar chapar as they had plenty of stock (as against the private operators who can't afford to air more than 10 songs an hour).

This post by Rashmi brings back all the memories. Most of what she says is true. The same songs are played all the time and it gets on your nerves. The programming is severely short on ideas. Going by averages, English hosts are more interesting than their Hindi counterparts. I am also of the breed, who hates RJs who speak in a horrible Hinglish argot - most primetime Hindi RJs are terribly uncomfortable with shudh Hindi.

So, I am sadder that Go92.5 FM has also gone totally desi. Hope the Mid-day guys do a rethink.
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