Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Blog gone

Amish writes

Blogspot is blocked by Indian Government. Strange enough? There are so many ways to communicate. Blogging isnt just a way.

Can Indian govenment monitor, Yahoo mails? Hotmails? Gmails? Arent they too web based? Instead of posting blog, you post an email to your fellow terrorist.

Isn't creating a simple website easy? Domainname and website would just cost about 15$. Cant terrorist make one? And why would terrorists have website called they can create any name safe enough to be noticed by world. They can have website running on different port not necessarily standard port 80.

So many ways are possible. Infact if they post on blog they will make their plans open, wont they? You think they are that stupid? Who is being stupid here is left to readers to make out!

I remember. longback, the sameway Yahoo! Groups India was blocked.

Anyway there is a way to access your favourite blog, goto:


I have seen the hoopla on the web and even on news channels about this. I am able to access it probably, because we deal at corporate level with ISPs. But overall, I think it's just the ignorance of babus in understanding the problem and issuing correct directives. Someone in DOT must have been informed by police that there are anti-social/terrorist sites on blogspot. They say "Ok! Blogspot!! Let me ban all of it".

We are so infested with ignorance, that such mishaps happen all the time. Anyway, as with anything that affects bloggers - the elite amongst the aam junta - the issue has been blown out of proportion. Everyone in blogosphere has gone berserk - talking about murder of freedom, trampling of human rights etc. etc. Yes it is sort of true. But it's just a silly faux-pas by illiterate officials.
It's not some government pogrom against bloggers.
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