Tuesday, July 04, 2006

House under water

Again today, after a year, my house in Mumbai is submerged. Thankfully this time, my sis was at home and could remove important things from home. Most of it is lying with higher places neighbours and along the stairs. Still the furniture and walls are again ruined.

All, except me (stuck in Pune) have reached the house, unlike last time, where everyone except mom reached after 3 days.

I am angry that at the impotence of the BMC, the State Government and other irresponsible parties. They claimed that the clean-up was complete. That there will be no problems this time. However, in spite of a humiliating slap on the face last year and colossal loss to life and property to deal with, the government has failed to get their act right. The roads have huge potholes in just a week's rain. Try going from Panvel to Sion. You will think you are riding a camel. And then try the Western Expressway. Another drunk camel ride. Bastards! They have royally screwed this city and its people. Fuck them and their lot.

This is my parents' house and we have stayed for 14 years now. This is 2nd flooding in a row. They will surely look for another place to settle. But I have already decided I will never settle in Mumbai. Meanwhile, we have packed our bags and are off to grandma's place. For 3 months. Who will risk being drowned again?

I am utterly utterly digusted at the way this city is (not) looked after. It's a city beyond repair, that anything we do now, is like botox on an aged dying yesteryear diva - the spirit has long ebbed away.

I have discussed my way of reconstruction earlier. Yes, you need to bomb the place and start afresh. In fact don't start.

Just level it and construct a memorial to the incompetence of the BMC and State Government.

Update: - Business Standard has also published my blog post. Thanks Govindraj
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