Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Survivor Mumbai

I think Rahul Bose, got it right. In NDTV interview yesterday, he said that the whole notion about Bombay bouncing back just to show to the world and the terrorists that they can't be beaten is highly romanticized. People are back on those trains not out of any pride or show of courage, but just because they have to. We live in a third world city in a third world country and the people can't afford to lose a day's livelihood. Train is the cheapest and fastest means to get there and hence to board the train the next day. You may be afraid, but you do it. You don't have a choice.

I was sort of taken in by all the 'Salaam Mumbai's on all the channels. But then you have to realise the basic fact of life in Mumbai. Only money works. Which again, is not so bad.


"I don't believe it is a place where people want to be friends," said Rahul Bose, a Bollywood actor who came to help out at Bhabha hospital. "The glue in Mumbai is survival and competition."
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