Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tragedy strikes again

Obviously, it's hugely upsetting to have another tragedy strike Mumbai at such short notice. Fortunately everyone of my family members is alright. Dad and wife had to go to aunt's place for the night.

Coverage on the blogosphere (a few important links here and here) has been excellent. I managed to get the news from TV within 1/2 hr of the blasts. However, I must say, all the Indian channels were slow with their live reporting. In fact, the first pictures came from CNN (courtesy CNN IBN). Why, in spite of being based out of Mumbai, do these news channels struggle to get to the news so late?

On another discordant note, I still don't know why some celebrated bloggers as well as community blogs were quiet during the rains last week. Is it just that the blasts are more exciting and news-worthy.

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