Monday, June 26, 2006

Big Bizarre Mess

Things continue worsen around Biz Bazaar, Kandivli. First, some basic details about the location. Akurli Road, where it is located is really is a one lane road. Cars coming from highway or Lokhandwala etc have to bisect the traffic going to the highway and Lokandwala. A car waiting to enter the car park blocks the traffic behind it. And once it "makes the cut", blocks cars in the other lane. On most occasions, the cars fail to make a complete U turn in one go and are forced to back up again blocking traffic both ways. Someone in collusion with the municipality has uprooted the road dividers so many cars can make this perpendicular push at a time. It's just a royal mess.

I have already discussed the problem here, but the magnitude of the problem is just enormous and hence am revisiting it. On Saturday, at 10.30 pm, there was a snarling bumper to bumper traffic till close to Kandivli Station. Some police (not traffic) got into action. They tried to block the open gateways using their cars and then tried to stop the cars cutting into the other lane. TO NO AVAIL. The car owners won't listen to the havaldar and continued butting in, with the result that, the jam worsened. We were stuck there for about 30 minutes.
Rickshaws continue to double park in front of the Big Bazaar gate, waiting for the next fare (the place even has Cinemax multiplex).

How can BMC allow such a monstrosity to come up in a place that has no proper entry and exit facilities? A project that is fraught with traffic problems, that even a 10 year old would be able to figure. Mucking forons.
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