Thursday, June 22, 2006

On and Off

Have new home co-ordinates in Pune. Back to Aundh after a period of about 3 years. Rampant construction everywhere. Stray Infoscions, Wiproites and such like roam around in the streets and stay in tiny kennels. There is a saying that in Aundh, if you throw a stone, it will hit an Infoscion. Hahaha!

Hearing the rent, I thought, well, for Aundh, this is going to be a very tiny and untidy kennel. I am lucky. Decent accom, very airy (top floor), open on 3 sides, good connectivity.

So, am now able to catch the world cup. Roomies unfortunately not too keen on fuBball, but still managed to catch a few matches. Ghana are playing brilliantly (sort of like first division Brazil) and I think, they are a team to watch. Czech-Italy match was dull, after the first twenty minutes, in which Czech were making some good attacking moves.

Weekend am back to Mumbai, so again, so again, won't be able to follow the on-goings. Damn :-(
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