Monday, June 19, 2006

Mummy, sab dikh rahaa hai

Was off to Diamond Water Park, near Lohegaon Aiport. Actually, it's still further up from the main Lohegaon Village center, but connectivity is decent and you should get there from Pune Station in about 1/2 (by car).

The place has got some good rides. The place is huge. However, some of the things have come to disrepair. Also, the whole place has a bit of a decrepit look about it - with horribly unclean shower facilities, broken lockers, garbage and plastic strewn around. Some of the slide aids like foam boards and tubes were short in number. Hence there was mad rush to lay hands on the available equipment.

However, rides themselves were decently maintained. Important note - Don't wear spectacles, sun-glasses while enjoying any of the water rides. I got a cut above the eye (specs slammed on a slide wall and dug into the eye-lid. Wife lost sun-glasses she was using to protect her hair from UV rays).
Women are still not comfortable wearing swim-wear, and I am not talking about bikini or V shaped things. Even bicycle shorts are fine. But no! Most males/females were wearing garishly colored loose fitting swimwear(!!) rented at the park. The older women frolicked around in their salwar kameezes, which when wet, are as see through as air on a crisp clear morning. Also, why do men also not take off their bullet ridden ganjis. Does look macho with vest on?
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