Monday, June 12, 2006

Fanaa - the review

Saw Fanaa this weekend. Actually went to catch M:I III, but landed in the wrong theater. Not wanting to go back empty-eyed, bought Fanaa tickets. The rates have been hiked by 20 rupees thanks to Yash uncle's unmitigated greed.

Having read the reviews of some great bloggers , I was a bit skeptical about watching the movie. However, it turned out not so bad after all. Indeed, the first half, with all the shayari and crackling dialogues around, is a lot of fun. Also, the jokes about Kajol's handicap are sensitive and funny. The second half does stretch a bit. But it's not something you can't tolerate at all. The kid is wonderful. Kajol is a treat to watch and so is Aamir.

A lot of reverse engineered analysis has gone into dissecting the chemistry between Kajol and Aamir Khan. I think, there is palpably. Also, one has to note that Aamir is not really in love with Kajol, for most of the first half, but is just flirting with her.

People also fail to credit Kunal Kohli (dialogues) with some fabulous non English besmirched dialogues. Since the setting is Kashmir and Delhi, one needed conversation in proper Hindi/Urdu and the language has been beautifully used. It was high time, we got reacquainted with the beauty of Urdu/Hindi as used in earlier Bollywood films.
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