Friday, June 16, 2006

Oh Lala!

I was fairly aware of Lala's grumpiness and still respect him as a person. But today he was just ballistic.

Don't ask me who Lala is. You gas!

Our transportation was scheduled 15 minutes earlier than usual so they could deposit all the employees on time for presentation of new initiative and then a Q and A will Lala and others.

Anyway, the first person that stood up to ask the question was brutally snubbed. Lala answered him alright, but the poor guy wanted some clarification and asked "Can I ask another question"

Lala goes "No, we want the floor to be open to all the people here"

1st Questioner - "But Sir, in the light of...."

Lala -"Please sit down".

Further down to another questioner, while answering
"It would be better if you listened to what I was telling you, rather than asking questions"

and then

"No, we are not talking about plans now. They are on the website. We communicated them extensively in April communication"

Now, one can understand, you may have a reason for turning down some questions. But clearly, there are less offensive ways to do that. After all, there is something called tact and humor. Lala displayed ample command and poise to leave an impression with the audience. But you also need to show some sang froid. May be it was Friday morning blues.
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