Monday, September 04, 2006

Car ke vaat lag gayi mamu

I have been travelling to Mumbai and back in my car. It was just thinking the confort and convenience - getting to office and home early, avoiding the wait for public transport. But it's not easy to drive long distances. Friday night, after a long day's work and then Monday morn to begin early in the morning. You generally tend to drive fast to get to your destination quickly and the expressway allows you that luxury. But, proportionally, you need to be a more alert driver. Even a little lack of concentration can ruin you for life.

Anyway, fortunately, nothing major so far. But this Monday in Sion, an idiot cab driver couldn't control his taxi (bad breaks, poor reflexes, bad driving skills, whatever) and let it nicely roll into the car's right door. So there is a dent and some scratches. The door still opens but the car needs a makeover now.

Was trying to check out Indica repair shops in Pune, but the Tata Motors site is a dud. With so much of money flowing their way, what's stopping from making the site more informative and useful.
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