Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Unhinged Punekars (some)

Yesterday, chaos reigned at Hinjewadi during evening rush hour. Most of the Sarvajanik Ganapatis here were taken out for Visarjan. Yes, it was the 9th day, but still. Probably, the logic here is to be done with all the rituals on the previous day and go to town to see the Big Show.

Now, I have gone to the heart of the city (Pune-gaon as it is deceivingly called) and seen the miravanuk. Yes, it is worth a dekko, but then if the same logic applies to Mumbai Ganapatis, then the processions should begin on the 8th day. So, the folks of chindi Ganapati mandals can go visit the medium sized Ganapati mandals on the 9th day and then guys from both can join the revelry on the 10th. But it doesn't happen that way in Mumbai, does it. Everyone leaves on the same day. (or least do the visarjan on stipulated 5th and 7th day at least). That way, aam junta is not harassed for days on end.

Anyway, Hinjewadi, the small village on the outskirts of Pune, really doesn't need have so many Sarvajanik Ganapatis in the first place. Probably, these guys are ignorant enough even to know "Ek Gaon, ek Ganapati" initiative. Many Sarvajanik Ganapatis have been installed in such a way as to be a traffic bottleneck. Just because it is related to religion, people ignore the pain and keep quiet. The panchayat should sit together and try to sort out the mess created by these Ganapati.

The presence of the God of Intelligence, should atleast bestow some common-sense into these folks
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