Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Won Won Won!!

Today attended a Technology quiz at the neighbouring Infosys campus. They are celebrating people strength reaching 10000 at Pune DC. And had invited two other Hinjewadi companies. Geometric dropped out at the last moment. One more Infosys team came on board. So a total of 4 teams.

It was great meeting a number of people from my projects at Infy.

We were already aware of the the topics -

Round 1 and 2 - C, C++, JAVA, Data Structures, Design Patterns, Algorithms, Data Structures, OOPs concepts.

Round 3 - Quality, Standards, Reviews

Round 4 - Emerging Technologies

Round 5 - New Trends

Round 6 - Rapid Fire.

Since, the scope was vast, we distributed the topic amongst us 3 people. I was to prepare for Round 4 and 5. Wikipedia especially, was great help.

At the end of Round 3, our company location head had also arrived and we were the only team to have a 0 on the score board.

Fortunately, all the preparation turned extremely fruitful. Was able to crack questions on Myspace, AJAX and take really good guesses at some.

And we won!! It was a great turnaround and my best quiz win (others have been too piddling to talk).
I am very pleased. :-)
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