Sunday, September 24, 2006

Makadyachya haati Champagne

Saw the play, Makadyachya haati Champagne, last Sunday. It deals with the serious issues that couples face after marriage. However, since there is lot of exposition and heavy talk, it has to set off by farcical treatment. There is lots of pungent satire and biting humor in the play. Older couples immediately realise how true to life the situations built in the play are to their lives. Hell, even I agreed with the psychoanalysis of Makad (the characters don't have real names, just hypocorisms).
The friendship of the three roomies is also unique and real. When Chaaku wants to propose to Pencil, Pustak immediately jumps in the fray, saying he also wants to do the same. No tyaag, balidan between friends!

There is a scene where Makad is trying to instruct Chaaku (not the cleverest person) about how one can conceptually inhabit a couple's life. If one looks at sad woman colleague/friend long enough and tries to figure what's going on in her mind, one can arrive at reasons for her distress. Same if her husband was your close friend or colleague. So, if just by looking at a couple, if you can surmise their thoughts about each other, then the relationship believed to be the most private - that between a couple - is actually devoid of any privacy at all.

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