Monday, December 04, 2006

Dhoom 2 - Re-Tick, Ro-shun

Have finally seen Dhoom 2. Like with other movies, I went with lot of research- reading reviews, taking opinions. But the movie still majorly disappointed me. The average review rating has been "good" (3 stars). I think it deserves 2 stars. One for Hritik and another for Roshan.
He is a Greek God who doesn't rest on his laurels. He will go to any lengths to be the best bloody dancer, the best action-hero, the best romantic hero, a complete actor in business. And he is the best.

Everybody and everything else, just drags the movie down. Abhishek Bachchan, Bipasha Basu are trapped in thankless roles. Uday Chopra comes with the baggage of being hated as the most repulsive guy around (Tusshar Kapoor has managed to haul himself to the next grade). You don't even want to laugh at his jokes, even though sometimes, they are genuinely funny. He looks like a monkey and if monkeys like him should get mass viewership, then I might as well be there 'acting'.

Bipasha, Abhishek can't dance and it shows in Don't Touch Me song. It's embarassing when the dance movements are vigorous, like they are in this movie. Abhishek is also very awkward in the action sequences (watch him ride the water-scooter, with legs close, as if about to pee)

Aishwarya Rai hams and haws, pains and paws through her role. She is so fake (probably as a person, which is why it's magnified in her acting), that she should be staying in Ulhasnagar and sitting in for a clay model for duplicate Barbie dolls. She sucks with her 'like' and 'funny guy'. Due to her extensive background in modeling, she is now just too over-prepared for acting. Thank God, she is at logger-heads with two big Khans - SRK and Salman, so that's half the Bollywood movies in which she won't appear. Yippee!!

Back to the movie. Hritik apart, another positive aspect is the special effects. Truly world-class. But then important things like story and screen-play are non-existent. Most of the songs have been similarly shot (in mundane mediocre sets). No variety and new-ness, at all. The music sucks. And how!. Crazy Kiya Re, just about sums up all the hopeless things that the movie does to us.
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