Saturday, December 02, 2006

2nd Stab at the Half Marathon

Have started my Half Marathon Training, probably a week late. The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon is on 21st Jan 2006, that's about 7 weeks for preparation. But I think I am doing fairly ok. The runs have been steady and vigorous and should have no problem completing the race. My main aim is to complete the race in 2 hours. Last time, I took 2 hrs, 22 minutes. Hope to set a new PR.

I think best way to achieve is by increasing my strides. I have not too keen on taking walking breaks, but after reading this and other stuff on the net, I realise it may not be a bad idea. Will go tomorrow on a long run (normally just run about 3 kms), so will try out the strategy.

My fingers crossed, I am leg-strong.
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