Monday, December 18, 2006

Quiz Se Pyaar karu

As a part of Sparks celebrations here at Pune office, we had a general quiz. The elims were 20 written questions followed by 5 rounds of quiz questions to the selected teams.

Unfortunately didn't qualify for the main round. I screwed on a simple question (who was the donkey in Shrek - I wrote Mike Myers, of course its Eddie Murphy) and ended with 8. The rules for selection were also biased towards indovidual participants and moreover, lot more from my team (Challengers) had turned up. So, I think, we just missed the qualification. Anyway, here are some of the questions (answers in #79b font)- they were generally very guessable. It was a fabulous quiz. Kicking myself for not making it through.

1. What is the name of estate in Jamaica where Ian Fleming wrote the first Bond?

Golden Eye

2. Who put up a reward to invent a new alphabet in English?

G B Shaw

3. Why is Oct 19th holiday in Albania? CLue - The person is born in Albania, but not citizen of Albania.

Mother Teresa Day

4. What do u get when you cut mistletoe with a golden sickle? Related to comics.

Magic Potion- Asterix

5. Who are largest ship makers?


6. What are 3 stars called in Japanese?


7. Who was the Governor of Bengal Madras whose name is given to a US univ?


8. Who has won both the Oscars and the Nobel prize?

G B Shaw - Screenplay - My fair lady

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