Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Kelva trip

Just back from Kelva trip. We were supposed to stay at Manor at a guest house. But it was being refurbished and we were forced to look around for a place near Kelva Beach. I think it worked out well. Managed to find one by afternoon. Just drove around lazily, ate a lot, went to the beach, watched a pics (PKSE) and natak (Anandache Dohi).

The beach is very very untidy. It looks like there is no garbage cleaning being done at all and the gram-panchayat should be hauled up for this. Hoardes of picknickers and tourists (the Sheetaladevi temple is also famous) ensure that moolah flows in easy. Why can't some be spent on the upkeep of the beach? The rest of the town is quaint and nice, but the filth of the beach just ruins the experience.

At the far end of the beach (not accessed by the tourists), one can see remains of the morning. Seems like the locals really make good use of the scenery and nature for their ablutions.

And then you claim environmentalism is the mainstay of Hinduism!

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