Thursday, February 24, 2005

Indian Idol

Today is the grand finale of Indian Idol. The program has made history in terms of viewer involvement and participation. Though, somehow not the talk at my workplace, the perfomances and results are discussed and debatedly hotly in trains, buses, offices. The singers and the contest are (should that be an are or an is) getting loads of attention in newspapers and TV.

It's been a fantastic journey for the top 5 guys, coming from obscurity to being center of such adulation and massive fan following, within a span of 6 months. Not many get such a chance and so they must count themselves very lucky. Certainly, Ravi Ravinder, for whom, the only thing going was that things had been not going good so far. Indians are sentimental and that was amply evident in the way, they kept voting him in. Not to take away the credit, for a painter without any training in music, he sung quite well. He has it in him to do a Sukhwinder, if he starting taking music lessons starting with Saaaaaa....

Disappointing is the fact that Prajakta Sukre is out. She is clearly better than Amit Sana, who I think isn't that great a singer to make it to the Last 2. But the guy is lovable, so its alright. Rahul Vaidya was his roomie in the initial rounds and went to say on hidden camera that "Amit Sana lacks talent". Without ever going on a smear campaign, Amit has pointed out Rahul's arrogance and unfair attitude. In fact, after judges rapped Rahul for his overbearing performance, he has turned excessively sanctimonionous and fawning. He should be doing time for best fakery case

That leaves us with Abhijit Sawant. Now, with the support of the Mumbai Muncipality behind, dare anyone challenge him. He was certainly a dark horse and as the series has progressed, has come into his own nicely. He has this beguiling smile, which seems to suggest that he is just there to enjoy and not be concerned too much about the title and money. He leaves Amit Sana miles behind in terms of talent and potential. So unless Amit Sana sings really well or really bad coz of his throat infection (in which case, he will surely have the sympathy vote), Abhijit Sawant will surely be the Indian Idol. We shall know next week.

Whatever it is, by then, India will be in throngs of extreme thumb pain.
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