Monday, February 21, 2005

Maal hai to mall hai...

Am right now in the middle of a training session- Oracle PL/SQL. Its a two day session. Thought, it would be a nice refresher course, since it is possible my memory might be playing truant (I keep forgetting what disease Amitabh contracts in Black. Ha!) and I might have forgotten some basics. No gaping memory lapses staring at me yet. May be, tomorrow.

Good part is I received a great Oracle reference book as training material, am connected to the net and can surf for some advanced topics, check mail, talk to friends and of course, update my blog. Keeps me from getting bored needlessly.

Anyway, was at Inorbit, Malad this Saturday and was amazed at the number of shoppers there. Its as if liberalization has unleashed this monster, who is ready to consume anything and everything that her (remember Ogilvy quote - 'The consumer is not stupid. She is your wife'. Or in my case, sister) plastic will buy. The spend now, pay later culture, which till now was the hallmark of the west, is here and how. Most shops in Inorbit are of the designer/upper crust kind. In fact, saw first Ritu Kumar, Satya Paul shop in Mumbai ever. Malad traditionally isn't really that kind of a locality. But new money is jingling and the nouveau rich are swarming the suburbs and are shopping by the car-trunk loads. With all the mad-rush going on, even you are tempted to spend on things you don't really want. Fortunately good sense and bad color-memory ("Deepti, do I have trousers this color ?") kept me from buying anything (though some sales looked genuine).

Hmm, more such monster malls on the way. Go, money, go. (Sigh!)
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