Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Titular pains

The training is over. There was another starting today for 3 more days. But boss says "Enough training, get back to work". So am back to the grind.

Noticed that one of the blogs I had bookmarked, has actually lifted a title from one of my posts. Of course, he could genuinely have thought of the pun within a span of a few days. And it was just a coincidence. And it's after all, nothing but a title. yet it bugs me. The guy has even deleted my comment I posted at his blog.
His post follows along the lines I had written mine, though is very much different in text. Certainly, he hasn't done a Rohan Pinto on me. Still...

Well, may be I am bugged coz he stole just the title and didn't deem it worthy stealing my whole post. Boo... hoo...hoo.
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