Wednesday, February 02, 2005

CNBC TV18 till I die

CNBC TV18 just seems to get better. Content wise, they are far superior than any other business or news channel. The anchors stand in sharp constract to the pedestrain presentation skills of NDTV's. Almost all the news anchors of NDTV (bar Vikram Chandra, and even he sounds casual at times) haven't quite mustered their act of speaking on the telly. You find them mumbling, fumbling and tumbling over words all the time. I would put Prannoy Roy also in this category coz have seen him struggling in live programs (election and budget).

The worst of the lot are Rajdeep Sardesai and Sreenivasan Jain. Mr Jain is especially awful with guests around him (and thats frequently as now he hosts Mumbai Central and some such). Watch him begin a question and then realise that he hasnt really thought about what he's going to ask and then turn to his notes for backup, and go Uh, hmm pause, Hhhhha.. pause... uhhh.. Aaaaaargggggh! These guys have been working on telly for so long and yet the camera still somehow queasy.

Also, moronic is the style of most Indian TV hosts (bar CNBC English of course) to rephrase their sentences in quick succession. Guys! You need to get your thoughts together the first time around.

TV18 have now launched CNBC Awaaz to grab to urban/semi-urban Hindi eyeballs(!). They have generally good hosts with very decent command on Hindi and fresh programming (unlike NDTV, who passes worn (rather shown) overs to NDTV India).

I think, CNBC in general does a lot of research and preparation with their anchors involved at an early stage. This certainly adds an edge and avoids the clumsiness that we see so frequently on NDTV.

But everything aside, I fail to understand, how CNBC manages to get such stunning anchors. I wrote about it earlier And add to that, now we have Maitreyi Seetharaman (or I am late?). A.MA.ZING! A dusky beauty very much in the mould of Shereen Bhan (forget the tan, but angular face, throw of words, body language are ditto) She does have a habit of turning his mouth rectangular while stressing on words, but I will ignore that.

Shereen Bhan, meanwhile can safely lay claim to Dhaljit Dhaliwal's mantle.
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