Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Taking stock

There is a major lull on the work front. I could explain in detail, but I don't want to be like the air hostess who got fired for her blog (Thank God, they didn't fire her mid-way through her job, or it would be like "Ellen, just received message from base, you have been fired. I will open the emergency door. Jump off"). Anyway, she was fired for some offending pictures. Besides, the lull in the work is hardly to do with us, more with the client.

So, with all the time in hand, have started dabbling in the stock market. Have had an account since last April, but never got around to trading. Well, I have finally jumped in the fray. Am trying to make sense of EPS, P/E, EBIDTA, BNSTG and much else of the financial jargon. Right now, trading in simple normal order mode. Anyway, its not a good time to do trading now. The volumes are down and so are the stock prices and analysts signal a long (lasting 6 months) bullish trend.

Hmm, I am going to play small and see what happens. Business channels are becoming more of the evening watch, more so, owing to the eye candy on CNBC TV18. Where do they get all these gorgeous women. Is it coz, women don't go much for engineering studies, so loads of them in the commerce stream? Certainly, loads more women working in financial sector than in software. Anyway, Shereen Bhan, Menaka Doshi and Anuradha Sengupta (there's one more than I miss- she is on evening's market wrap up, these days) make quite a formidable combination of beauty and brains. Menaka and Anuradha are both not conventionally beautiful, but I like their poise and personality. Shereen, on the other hand, is sensex shattering beautiful. It would be hard to concentrate on any other statistics or figures.
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