Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Rohan Pinto pe gussa kyun aata hai?

There was some brouhaha about some brazen copy cats prowling the blog world. Now, given the amount of activity happening around in blogsphere, something like this was bound to happen. Still, what eludes me, is how can one pass off other's writings as one's own, without any slightest attempt to guise it. It think it is plain laziness.

This episode does seem to highlight the power of the blog, but it seems that there is a coterie of bloggers. Every blogger in this group seems to know and acknowledge other members and their work. They are great achievers, in there own right and fine bloggers. But how does this clique come into existence, in the first place? Or is it my imagination running riot.

Anyway, new releases to catch up - Kisna, Black Friday, Lost in Translation
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