Thursday, January 20, 2005

Bear with me

Already the stock market has started bleeding me. Oh! Thy NIFTY vagaries! Seriously, in a volatile markets, it's best to turn a blind eye to all the money advisors and fiscal analysts' predictions about recommendations, support, resistance levels, short sell etc. etc. The fact is - its just too difficult to predict. Cement stocks were supposed to do well. Why is Guj Ambuja acting like this? It's an achambaa. Why are pharma stocks languishing so badly? Well, there no cash in the market, so hold ur horses and bulls. It's the time to invest (Ta tana nana) and not trade. Since, I can't trade on my recent buys (and burn a small hole in my wallet), I am going to hold on to these stocks (not bad financials anyway of these) like pile-on friends who have nowhere to go and whom I can't sell

But it certainly it's fun to play with money. Not anymore But I am going to be sane and take a break for sometime starting tomorrow.
(Gotcha! Markets are closed on account of Eid, so don't have a choice)

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