Thursday, January 13, 2005

How cool are you?

Why is your peace of mind a function not so much of you than so many other people. Ever notice, how even a stranger could make you leave you fuming and restless for days. You know he/she doesn't have any place in your scheme of things. You also know Steven Covey's circle of influence funda - that you should not let people/things who are not important to you, affect you. How well, can we implement this in real life? Hardly.

I guess to achieve some sort of composure, in such situations, you need to be slightly megalomaniacal. That should give you the ability to brush away such minor assaults on your cool. Why are all these smart MBA's (generally or more than ordinary folks) not affected by setbacks? Yes, there is that self-belief. But there is also the arrogance that this setback/person is not worth my fretting time. They would rather move on to something/someone much bigger/better.

On a slightly unrelated note, here are some great articles about happiness. I didn't know that you need just three things to keep you happy. I can't help but agree.
Sandipen Deb's article is less enlightening, but a great read nonetheless. I wish I had what it takes to write like this...

There are days when sorrow is like a physical ache. Under your skin, it is a soiled washcloth the surgeon left inside before sewing you up.
In your bloodstream, it’s a murky grey fluid, an effluent without an outlet. Inside your ribcage, it is the deadweight of despair. Even neon seems dim, music grates...

(and Mr Deb is an IIT engineer, not even a trained writer)
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