Thursday, January 27, 2005

Ghettoisation of world

Rohan Pinto episode has kicked up a storm. Just googling, is going to tell you everything you wanted to hate about the man. Funny isn't it, that with all this furore on the blogspace, the real world, goes on as if nothing has happened. Just goes to show how fragmented our lives have become.

I think our lives are getting increasingly compartmentalized - it's a cornucopia of choices, be it in the field of work or leisure. Not only are the pursuits extremely varied, but they are so exclusive, so as to demand complete and utter devotion, at the expense of everything else.

Take blogging. It's demands so much of your daily space. Not that people do it without free will. I for one enjoy the thrill. However, I think, there were many other things, that bloggers would have been doing (certainly more productive in the real world) which they can't owing to their current activity. I certainly, would have been trawling tech forums more.

Take gaming - This field has exploded so much that you are either a complete ignoramus or you are one gaming freak - spending night and day, playing with millions of other gamers or waiting outside stores for the latest release of your fav game.
Take programming - Now, we have sects, people who swear by Linux, Perl, C, PHP, and swear at the rest (check out slashdot) and guys who use Java, VB and think that open source is just a baseless craze.

Take sports - It may either be the sports we play or follow. Here we have golf, F1, football, basketball, skateboarding, tennis which elicit major fan following. One has to be really clued in, as to what is happening where or you are out of the circle.

Take science - The most sought after areas of research - e.g. biotech, nanotech, stem cells research are getting so niched out that cross-pollination of ideas is a rarity.

There seems to be alarming rise in people are turning their part time hobbies, into full time occuptation. Fitness for one has become such an obsession, that people just live to be fit. With all the tools, services and information about anything available within easy reach, even other more unconventional pursuits are becoming mainstream.

It is like, we are turning into zealots - people with radical beliefs, who are too busy with their own to care or are completely hostile to others' ideas. Right now, there are still many areas of overlap and this division is not that perceptible. But soon, it will so happen , that one's culture will be defined more and more by what you do or pursue and less and less by one's upbringing.
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