Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Man at work

Has been an extremely busy day. It was almost down the drain, thanks for some last minute rallying around, I have something to show for my efforts.

It comes home again and again as to how difficult it is to get a hang of new tools (presently Powerdesigner). There is no super-intellectual brain needed to work with them, but logic does'nt always work. You have to treat these tools (PD, Cognos, Datastage) as human. They have their quirks. Sometimes they work like a gem, but there a number of occasions, when you can't figure them out at all. They need cajoling and coaxing and head scratching and patience. Loads of it. Still, they will crash for no sane reason. Throw a tantrum and refuse to co-operate. But once you get past the initial annoyances, it's a smooth ride.

Should I replace human with woman?
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