Thursday, January 06, 2005

Road rage

This morning, as I was waiting for the bus, heard a bus (one of those on-contract bus for an IT company) honking away. This patch of road, where the road from Kandivli Station joins the highway, is quite chaotic. There are people waiting half way on the road for their buses, and other vehicles are trying to get off and on the highway.

Anyway, so everyone was looking at why this bus was making so much noise. Well, there was a Zen double parked in front of it, which was making it difficult for the bus to move along. The traffic behind the bus also was slowing down considerably coz there was only one lane left on the highway for any movement. The driver continued to honk, but the guy in the Zen, being his arrogant self, refused to pay heed. I think, after about a minute of blaring, the bus driver had had enough. He made a right turn to drive along the side of the Zen. But not without a parting shot. He drove close enough to give the Zen a nice long scratch along its side. As the bus went past the Zen, the car and driver in it trembled quite a bit.

I think everyone who was watching this, had a smile on their face. The poor driver got out to investigate the damage. He was trying to be smart and the bus driver made him.
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