Monday, January 31, 2005

Cinema scope

Saw Swades on Saturday. Word of mouth is decent for it still, plus now, it is tax free. So, quite a few people in the theatre even for the 11.30 am. Me, I was there, coz the matinee shows are much cheaper. I find the rates otherwise exhorbitant, and would rather pick my nose than pay through it.

Anyway, about the movie. I have to say, I agree with the critics. That it is didactic, quite teachery. No, not quite a documentary, but I think that is only because, you never can take Shahrukh seriously so quickly, considering his body of frivolity (the mannerisms, stylizing, hamming). Sure, he shines in this movie, but is that isn't enough to lift us from the ennui, that sets in halfway through the movie.

Gowariker gets the message across well, but no point in hamming it again and again. Also, the scenes drag on needlessly. There are a few deft touches and attention to detail, that reiterate the fact that this is indeed the director of Lagaan here - Shahrukh pouring over fed-exed documents mentioned in the passing quite a while back in the movie, same for his wrestling. Song picturization (esp Pal pal hai bhari) are also prety good. 1/2 hr/ 45 min less and we would have had a classic

Black is this Friday's black - Black and Black Friday. Both ought to be must watch. When do I squeeze in Lost in Translation?
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