Thursday, January 06, 2005

The first day of the rest of my life is a waste.

Had to take off today. The knee is giving throbbing pain. Still the leave wasn't intentional. Missed the company bus in the morning and then thought it would be better to take it as a sign and see the doctor right away. Doctor says, it's just painful coz the swelling is right on the knee. No urgent need to have it amputated. The leg will be fine, with some antibiotic course correction.

Meanwhile, here's a wonderful day wasted. How I continue to treat this life as a luxury! Sigh! Clothes to be hanged dried. Peas to be separated from their pods (yes, mom is back and orders have been delivered), but I would rather take my own sweet time.

Was checking out some movies that I could catch up (in theatre). Nothing at decent times or locations. Still, Raincoat or Incredibles is a choice for late late nights. What will it be?
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