Monday, February 14, 2005

The Outing Season

Friday, we had a project outing. First it was bowling. Its here I am made aware of the lack of wrist power. There was one firang guy with us and he was technically very good at it. The wrist holding from below the ball at 90 degrees to the forearm, torso curved, so that the ball now is in center of gravity position. Then the run-up like a leg-spinner bowling underarm. What he had going for him was his huge wrist power. He could let the ball rip, directing it vaguely towards the right corner, but just when you thought it would hit the gutter, the ball would swing towards the center and take most pins with it.

Go-carting is again more fun than it seems. You are really close to the ground, with the engine roaring behind you. The adrenaline rush is quite something. The Hiranandani track is also quite good, esp the fairly straight stretch, where you can let the monster loose. Pity, its just 4 laps for 120 bucks. Still, worth it. I didn't do bad. Was the fastest of my team with average speed of 34 kph.

Off for some rock climbing. Was able to climb the faux surface and scale the peak pretty easily. The degree of difficulty is only slight (just mid-way of the ascent). Glad that am still in some physical shape and fitness, in spite of completely giving up any p. activity after the marathon.

To make up for all the exertion (ha!), we marched to Saffron Spice. Grub was comme ci comme ca, considering that the resto charges Rs 400 for evening buffet (afternoon its Rs. 200)!


Finally, have finished The Mating Season by P.G. Wodehouse. Quite a good read. P.G. is almost Christie like in terms of tying all the myriad strands of the plot together. Wooster as always faces so many problems of epic proportion (of Wodeshousian type). But with Jeeves by his side, need he or P.G. for that matter, worry?

Half way through the book, I was left wondering, as to who was hitched to whom and whether it was Esmond Haddock pretending to woo Getrude so as to ruffle Corky and get her to fall for him or if it was Corky who was in love with Catsmeat and Catsmeat with Getrude. It was all so confusing. So did a Match the Couples exercise at the back of the book, to find soon enough that someone had already done that on an obscure bookmark. And to top it all, even P.G. realized it was getting all discombobulating (had to use it) and so he has a list of all the cupid-struck in the epilogue. Which of course, you get to read only as you finish the book.

Still, you love all the melee ensuing in the heart melaa and it surely puts a smile on your face.

Now back to the Restaurant at the end of the universe, after a long hiatus. Hope the Heart of Gold knows where to pick me up (and vice versa)
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