Sunday, November 28, 2004

Which hike to the tikona?

Its the end of another long weekend. Friday was also a holiday, courtesy Gurunanak. There was plan to go trekking to Tikona. Its a difficult trek according to Harsh, the chief, but finally, the plan crumbled.

I meanwhile went shopping on Friday to buy atleast a pair of jeans. Ended up buying Ulysses and Cookbook. Ulysses is ofcourse rated the best book of last century and ofcourse, on the back, it mentioned in bright bold letters that it was just Rs 125. I am not sure when I will get around reading that. LOTR, a herculean and monumental undertaking (I am not talking about the writing of the same by JJR TOlkien, its the reading by me, silly), is now off the middle earth radar. Even Three men in a Boat are stranded midstream, without a connoisuer(!) to appreciate their antics. I am now in the 1st course of dining at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.

Also went back to the first episode of BBC Radio series of H2G2. Amazing how the series departs now and then from the book. Lot more characters and conversations, which is reasonable, as you cant have the book (Peter Jones) rattling off descriptions and incidents, no matter how funny. The actor playing Arthur Dent sure brings alive the utter helplessness and absursity of being put in the situation that he's in.

BTW, did you know that H2G2 was commissioned as a radio series first and after it success, it became a book?

A new series is already on BBC Radio and an episode is available for one week to be heard through streaming audio. Acc to the director (same as the one in 1993), it is a take on the book and not a direct derivation of it. Would love to hear that one. But, would far better if I could find a downloadable version somewhere.
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