Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Let there be light

This is the last week with this project. Been a good learning experience, esp on the database front. Though have been in BI for so long, still not worked extensiely on the database front (procedures, views or even simple ddls). Now, the next aim would be work at performance tuning on a database. Something, that is easily ignored and goes on to be a PITA later on. Certainly, it performance tuning (script and database both) cannot be done simultaneously with the rest of project deliverables. It needs to be done when the db has stablised and all the input/output streams are working in sync. Then you bring this up in data warehousing. How do I make this sql run faster? Is a commit here appropriate? Do I need smaller data blocks? Which columns should I index (very important). Anyway, hopefully, will get to do a real hands all on all of this.

Am not really keeping well. Dont know what kind of cold this is. Its been more than one week and the cold and cough refuse to go to some warmer climes. Why me! I dont know. May be I am harboring a new virulent strain of cold one which might decimate the future generations of mankind (cough! cough!).

Diwali starts from tomorrow. Folks went to Siddhivinayak and Mahalaxmi today early in the morning. They wanted me to go as well. But I didnt coz was afraid less sleep might aggravate my cold. Feel that I am none too worse now. May be should have gone with them. It is my first Diwali after a gap of 2 years.

Am off to Goa and Sawantwadi, my grandfolks' town this Monday. Not sure, if I can make it before that to my blog, as its Diwali guys. Lets see

Happy Diwali to all
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