Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Work around

Quite a hectic day today. My Team Lead is insisting that I get a high level data model (I am working on creation of data marts) ready by tomorrow. Now I got started on this module just yesterday. So, its a tough ask. Still, the overall feeds look simple enough, so dont see too many problems.

Actually that might be a problem. I am new to this project and may not be able to see some obvious gaping holes in the requirement. Well, thats familiar territory.

Still need to work on my inability to concentrate. The deadlines for the last few months were never too stiff and I got into this habit of straying - checking mails, scores(India hasnt done too well today. The usual), readings articles, news, blogs not every few min, not to mention writing one as well.

Need to work on all except keeping the blog alive. That should not suffer much.
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