Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Abyss

Yesterday was an awful day. Actually, only me to blame. I found a nasty bug on the floor at our home. Not willing to let go of howlarious oppurtunities to offend my sis' pestophobic sensibilities, I threatened to let it fly at it. Of course, the bug was dead and I had caught it by one of its tentacles. The poor thing was alreay dead. Someone had already involved in a ruthless insecticide. Anyway, whats there to be afraid of of a poor and dead insect. Right! Guess not. Sis started shrieking and getting all uneasy. The colour drained from her face at the thought of a close encounter with the 8 legged kind, She was really upset and warned me to drop my plans and insect. Then without any notice, she let loose a flurry of judo style kicks (or was she dancing?-she had just come from her dance class). Now, I couldnt take it lying down. Had to be a man (with a pest to let loose). So, I was and did. Sis cried out loud. Hit me again. And again. Mom, dad flabbergasted. A totally bizarre melee. It became bloody serious and it was like gladiators in the ring. Of course, we didnt kill each other, but the damage was done. There will be no making up at least for a few days.

I am still recuperating from the vile physical attacks from my sis. As I wallow in the depths licking my wounds and looking around for my self-confidence, you go and have a look at this. Truly amazing. As James Cameron said, there is still so much we dont know about the ocean.
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