Monday, December 20, 2004

What's brewing?

A bit under the weather lately. The smog so thick and heavy, it hardly lifts. So, can't help but, be under the weather.

Haven't trained for the last 3 days, coz of the cold. The throat feels like sand paper and the nose is a traffic jam. Well, just hope I can manage a jog in the (car) park this evening.

Yesterday was data model final review. Went Ok, except it just took too long (we havent heard the final word on it yet) and missed another wedding. Ameya's.

Today doesnt look that bright as well. Just got a cup of coffee, but the cup was leaking (and so was the coffee!) and now, my trouser has spots. Tried to wash the coffee stains, but coffee sure knows how to leave its marks behind. Never mind.

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