Sunday, December 05, 2004

Yeh hai Mumbai

Another Monday dawns. This weekend, bought Kodak USB cable, Calvin and Hobbes books - Lazy Sunday book and Yukon Ho, DVDs of Shrek, both parts, Toy Story both parts and Monster Inc. Helped out Reema, (Deepti's friend) finish her presentation. The pair of Lee jeans that I want so bad, still eludes me. Later.

Anyway, rediscovered why Mumbai is such a great shopping place (even though, I dont quite like it). You can find anything that you want, any small spare part, any item, any accessory here, and that too, at a bargain. Generally there are hubs of particular type of equipment. So for cameras, you go to DN Road, household items Dadar, Electronics at MuhamadAli Road, Books Churchgate. So, there are n number of places you can have a look, before you are sure you have the right buy. The choice is also amazing. The USB cable I was offered at prices starting from 175 to 1600 (no kidding). C&H, I bought orginal copies at Rs. 520, when the MRP is approx 800 Rs. Same for DVDs, though pirated and without bonus material, were a steal at Rs. 300. I played them and no defect so far.

It is Monday and we have first datamodel design discussion with Client Team. So let me jump into it.
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