Tuesday, December 28, 2004

All in the bag -Part 2

Birla Temple at Salav, is built next to an Ispat plant along the creek. So, that takes away the beauty of the location a bit. But otherwise, it is quite spectacular - it is perched on a hill top, carved out of marble, with landscaped gardens and fountains all over.

Next day, first a halt at another of dad's ex-collegue, Phirphire. Lovely place right amongst palm and coconut trees. Its their ancestral home and the family have ditched Mumbai for a spacious and beautiful 3000 sq ft bungalow few km from Alibag (Agrav). Living off pension and land is not such a bad idea, after all. Only problem is that there is no electricity for hours on end.

About 11.00 am, we were off to Murud. Right on the way is Kashid beach. The approach road to the beach is through ghats and from the moutain top, you can see the whole crescent of the tree-dotted silver beach, strectching endlessly. The water was cool and refreshing, but as ususal dad and mom played no sport and refused to join in the fun.
Which was just as well.

All that splashing around certainly made me very hungry. So, we halted at Murud for a typical Konkan meal of fish, prawns, chicken, rice and sol kadi. The bhakri was of rice, very delicate and almost melted in the mouth. The location was picture perfect- tables laid out overlooking the sparkling beach front, shaded with coconut fronds, fishing boats anchored along the shore. Generally, you need to shell out lot of dough to be part of such indulgence. But sometimes, good things do come cheap.
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