Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Fall was here!

Work's on an upswing now. The first cut of data model looks ok to the Client team as well. But I know there's going to be lot of rework on that,later on.

Anyway, was wondering all this while, how I could make today's post interesting. The topic dropped right in front of me.

I was typing away on my PC, when out of thin air, dropped a guy. From the ceiling above- making a neat square hole in it. He just missed Pradeep, a collegue sitting in cubicle diagonally opposite. Anyway, the noise of the fall was enough to stir even the guys sitting in cubicles some distance away. Everyone just jumped to see, who it was. The first split second impression was it was a guy working on first floor above ( I sit on ground floor). It wasnt. It was a person from the housekeeping department cleaning the concealed space between the ground and first floor -you know the space hides all the wiring, air ducts, plumbing etc. The floor of this space is plaster of paris and not supported well in all places. He had stepped on one such portion and the bottom just gave way.

Fortunately, he was not hurt too badly, though was bleeding due to some broken glass. The celing was supporting a light bulb which had cracked and was hanging limply. He was able to sit up on a chair and then later, hobble towards the door. Hope he doesnt hasnt broken a bone. Anyway, the company should do a checkup to ensure that there's no internal injury.

It was a melee here meanwhile of people coming over in droves to gawk at the spectacle. Soon after the accident, we had to stop them from crowding around the spot. Even later, we had some many people coming over, gaping at the hole and speculating about the incident, and what possibly went wrong ("I am telling you it reeks of corporate sabotage!!!").

Still, I think it was a safety lapse that needs to be fixed at the earliest. The space is frequently used by support staff and surely there need to be instructions about which part of it should not be stepped on. Something like "Trespassers will be prosecuted (in case they dont drop dead)"

An eventful afternoon indeed!!
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